Seasonal Living: November

October Recap The list was filled with a lot of Halloween related items, which made this month difficult. I did get to do a few things this October... Mean Girls Day Apple Picking Wedding Anniversary 2 Concerts: Tori Kelly and Lauren Daigle A Musical   Up Next November


3 Things to Do to Get Ready for Christmas

We are 76 days until Christmas. Yes, it’s almost that time again and then a few more days after that its 2019! Crazy, right? Every year I tell myself, I am going to be more prepare for the Christmas and then next thing I know it’s down to the wire and I have nothing done.…

Seasonal Living: October

First month down and I'm realizing I'm going to have to really focus to complete the list.I suppose that's the whole point, intentional living. September Recap Labor Day weekend I spent the weekend celebrating my niece's birthday, friends and Niall Horan's concert. National Coffee Day Fall decor at my parents house (where I live currently)…