Breaking My Social Media Addiction

Sometimes I think about the days pre-social media. Social media is really great, it’s convenient and does connect us. But, I often think that a lot problems we have stem from social media. There is something so addicting to it, you check one thing and then you’re scrolling for hours (hello TikTok).I know people my age, who never jumped on the bandwagon or barely use it. Which to be honest, there are days I think they are the smartest out of all of us. There are lot of things we can discuss about social media, but in this post I want to focus on how it attributes to time wasting.

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So I’m going to say it, I’m addicting to social media. It really has highlighted my insecurities and probably has made new ones. The problem is that social media lets us present the best parts of ourselves and fully promotes our tendency for comparison. You may also be like me and say I’ll check it real quick, but that check turns in to multiple checks throughout the day or sometimes an hour passes by and you’ve just been mindlessly scrolling. If you don’t have this problem, I give you props because I’m trying to be like you. We all have the same time each day, but how we choose to use it is what separates us from time wasting or doing something that’s beneficial. We all need those chill days but when every day is a chill day that’s when you know there’s a problem.

Breaking an addiction means forming new habits to replace it.

  • Track your hours (so you can be shocked how much time you spend on your phone)
  • Create time limits (the iPhone lets you make screen limits on your phone from the settings.)
  • Find hobbies to replace the scroll time or put the phone down and do those tasks you’ve been avoiding. (They aren’t going to go away.)
  • Make goals and actually break them down to start working on them today!

My approach that I would like to take in breaking the addiction is all of the above but, also time blocking. Time blocking is planning out every moment of your day in advance and having specific time “blocks” for certain tasks and responsibilities.

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You can get super detailed with it, but I plan on keeping it more broad but detailed when necessary. I think this allows for flexibility if things pop up and I won’t have to feel bad that I didn’t complete that task in that time block. I believe this will help to minimize distractions because I can look at my schedule and know there is something I’m suppose to be doing at that time. Not ever time block will be filled with something to do because breaks/downtime is always needed. It’s all about balance. This is just a daily guide to help me effectively use my time versus scroll on instagram and saying my life is dull. It’s not! I’m just sitting here wasting time looking at someone living their live instead of mine. Right before bed, I will look at what’s the plan for the next day and schedule accordingly. Everyday could look similar or varied depending on the week.


7 AM – Wake Up/ Breakfast/Bible Reading/Journal

8 AM to 12 PM – Work

12 PM – Lunch

1 PM to 5 PM – Work

5 PM – Workout

6 PM- Cook/Eat Dinner/ and Quick house tidy

7:30 PM – 9:00 Chill time

9:00 PM – Night routine

9:30-10:30 PM – Read

10:30 PM – Bedtime

Let me know the ways you try to stay off social media in the comments!