Weekend Diary (July 5)

Holiday weekends are always the best and even though things are different, I still enjoyed the day off not being logged in to work. I mainly relaxed, but my goal is to do something each weekend not on the phone or television.

I went hiking with a couple of friends.That’s one thing checked off my Summer Bucket List (read the post about that here)! I will be planning a few more hiking excursions this summer.

I’ve had this canvas laying around for a while now and decided to finally paint something. Not sure how I feel about it yet, but hey it was nice to chill and paint.

Photo Via Cnet

I watched Hamilton on Disney Plus along with the millions of others this weekend.I enjoyed for its uniqueness of using all races to portray characters and the hip hop style of music but also I felt this way too, quote from the article “Is our takeaway about its main character that he is a revolutionary hero or flawed philanderer? Is its strategy of non-traditional casting a triumph that allows people of color to “rise up” or are they undermined by the irony of how their embodiment as founding fathers ignores the fact that most of the characters they play were slave owners?” You can read the full article here.