A Lesson I’ve learned in Lockdown

We’re half way through the year and everything feels like a blur to me. Like most people, I had all these plans and desires for 2020 and then things came to a full stop. I saw many posts on social media stating to use this time to make changes and get things accomplished; because there will never be a time like this where we are all stuck at home. It sounded like a great idea, but then days passed and I mainly just ate my feelings and stayed in bed. My mind was filled most days with the usual toxic thought patterns and nothing changing at all. That’s because things aren’t going to just magically change because I’m now stuck in the house.

This month I will be celebrating another birthday and it’s not that I feel old necessarily, but I feel more than every the need to really stop wasting my time. Each year of life is a blessing because some people never make it that far. I don’t want each year to keep passing and look back on no progress or growth just days wasted on entertainment. I want to live life enjoying the special moments and not being so hung up on what others think. I want to truly care about reaching people and building community. I want to have boldness with my faith and to share the love of Jesus.

I have more things to share in posts to come but I just wanted to start with where my mind has been during quarantine/lockdown or whatever you want to call it. I will sum it up to this: the lesson I’ve learned in lockdown: real change takes daily work, this is a marathon not a sprint.