5 Things (Stay at Home Edition)

I originally thought I would accomplish so much during this time period at home, but I really didn’t. And that is okay.

States are starting to open up slowly, but I thought I would share some favorite things I enjoyed during quarantine/self-isolation/lockdown .

Reading: I had fallen off reading for awhile, but I’m back on it. I absolutely loved The Cursebreakers series and can’t wait for the third book to come out next year.

Other books I’ve read:

Call your Daughter Home

Frankly in Love

Little Fires Everywhere

Bringing down the Duke

Challenger deep


TikTok: Be careful, because you can get caught scrolling for hours. We all love short form media. I’ve enjoyed creating some for fun and other funny videos.

Online classes: I’m not sponsored by Skillshare, but I will say I have enjoyed the classes I’ve taken learning about digital illustration and interior design. You can get 2 months free with my code: https://sky.sh/2ZK5ci7

iPad/Pen: I finally bought myself the iPad Pro and Apple pen. This is what prompted me to take some classes on Skillshare.

Slower pace: Not having to commute to work and be in traffic is a game change. I love not feeling rushed in the mornings and walking a few stops to my desk to start work.