5 Things to try in Self Isolation

I know by now you’ve probably heard, read or seen so many things about how to be the most productive in this crazy time.

It’s been over a month of being in the house for me. I’m blessed that I can work from home, but so many people have been effected.

The thing about this pandemic is that it has effected everyone whether it is in a small or big way. No matter what way you choose to spend your time in this new normal, just remember there is no wrong or right way.

Here are 5 things to consider doing:

  • Sleep
    • If you’re use to not getting a lot of sleep, this is a good time to train yourself to get better sleep or  actually get rest that you need.
  • Embrace silence
    • We live in a fast pace world, now is our chance to actually embrace silence. Try sitting still with no distractions for 5 minutes and keep adding time daily.
  • Study the Word
    • If you now find yourself with a lot more time on your hands, how about actually getting in to the Bible and studying it.
  • Drink water
    • I’m so guilty of not getting enough water intake. Now that I’m at home, it doesn’t matter how many bathroom trips I take. Fill up that water bottle!
  • Work on one thing you’ve been putting off
    • If you’ve been meaning to clean out that close, do it. If you’ve been meaning to work on your skin care, do it. Build those positive habits now.