When You Feel Overwhelmed…

Have you ever felt overwhelmed and it seemed impossible to accomplish anything?

I’m 100% sure that you have felt those feelings, because I have too.

The past couple of months, I have had that feeling which then leads to a cycle of not doing anything but laying on my couch staring at the ceiling.

And then I told myself, “this is ridiculous”, I do not have to live this way. And neither do you.

Welcome to the new series for the rest of 2019; Edit your life. This series is about encouraging you to edit your life and start living  a life of intention.

If you choose to follow along with me as I edit my life, make sure to leave comments or use the hashtag #edityourlife on Instagram for me to see.


What to do When Overwhelmed

1.) Take a moment and breathe

You have to refocus the mind. Focus on deep breathing, prayer and meditating.

2.) Brain Dump

Write it down. This list can be chores  or it can even be goals you’re trying to reach in your career. What ever area you’re feeling overwhelmed in, just write all down all that it takes to reach that goal/task.

3.) Pick one task to accomplish

Even if the list you write down is really long, just pick one thing to do. It could be the most difficult or the most easy. Just work on completing that one task.  Then move on to the next task until before you know it you have accomplished everything on your list. If you’re trying to work on longer term goals, remember to break it down in to steps and choose just one step to complete.


I did follow these steps a few weeks ago and now if I get those feelings , I stop and do step one and then look back at my original list and choose a task and keep going. Right now I’m focusing on organizing the entire house. I decided to start with the hall closet. Now every time I open the closet, I am so happy to have everything in place.


See you next week, as we tackle the next edit your life topic.