Life Note: Reflection on the Past Year of Blogging

Reflections on Blogging 

I don’t believe time moves any faster as you get older, but you’re just more aware of it because you’re getting older.  It has been one year since I decided to relaunch my blog and commit to a year of writing. I’m happy that I was able to write consistently being that committing and being consistent is one of my struggles.

These days a lot of people want their voice to be heard or to be famous on the internet. I started blogging years ago but never have had a huge following.  I know there are different factors as to maybe why,  but in today’s heavily curated climate on social media it can be a little discouraging at times.

I started this site as a way to share my interests with others and it has grown from that but still that is the core of this blog. This past year I’ve learned that it doesn’t matter whether 5 or 100 read what I write, but its just my enjoyment of creating content and sharing. I am going to continue to blog, but take the pressure off myself to be like others . What really matters for me is to continue to move towards less time online and more time being present and building relationships with others.

What Happened in July 

Highlight of the month was my first time on a cruise!

Pajama Party for my 31st



Let me know what you’ve been up to this summer in the comments!