This Month’s Challenge: Changing My Eating


Eat to celebrate

Eat to socialize

Eat to comfort

Eat when bored

We need it survive but life seems to revolve around food to where it can become unhealthy.  This isn’t the first time I’ve talked about my struggle with food and having an overall healthy lifestyle.  I find that a lot of things for me comes back to laziness (more on that in another post). February  I challenged myself to no spending on clothes and now its on to my next challenge: changing my mindset on food.  This month I want to focus on  small changes to propel me to continue to build on changing the mindset.

What I’m not having in March


Fast Food (i.e. no triple McMuffins)

What I’m doing in March

Meal prep (no eating out during work week)

Less dairy intake


What I ate this week (3/4-3/8)


Smoothie or Apple bread


Sweet Potato & spinach rice bowl


Chickpea Pasta/Veggies, Turkey Chili and Tomato Soup & Sandwich

I did eat dinner out on Wednesday, which is normal for when I don’t get home after work.  My next task is to find healthier snacks. Next Friday, I will be giving an update on my food for the week. Stay tuned!