Currently: Who Inspires me in Fashion

Ironically enough the people that inspire me the most choose color where I stay more neutral. Not sure what they says, but perhaps I need more color in my life. Shay Sweeney (photos via) Kendi Skeen (photos via) Victoria Logan (photos via) Blair Eadie (photos via)


This Month’s Challenge: Staying Consistent

Two weeks I stay strong and then by the third week, things start to revert back. That is always the pattern. Why is staying consistent so difficult when it comes to food? I've been craving a burger and fries or the triple McMuffins. But this is the moment to stay strong and focus on the…

Let’s Chat: My Struggle with Anxiety & Depression

  I can’t move Don’t panic Why does this hurt so much Don’t panic I can’t stop crying Don’t panic Breathe in Breathe out Don’t panic Tell me that everything is okay That I’m not dying Am I overreacting Breathe in Breathe out —————— I don’t want to be this way But the poison is…