4 Travel Tips

A few weeks ago I finally was able to visit Hawaii (more on that in the next post). The one thing I was dreading was the actual traveling part. I don’t in particular like packing or flying but two necessary things if I want to go on a vacation.  Here are a few things I like to do and suggest you try the next time you head out of town on the next trip.


Make a basic itinerary

I like to be able to go with the flow when on vacation because this is the time to not be stressed out. But with that being said, I don’t want to have zero plans of what I will be doing in the city I’m visiting. I try to pick at least one main thing I want try each day, whether that be some food place to try, an outdoor activity or historical sites. That way you can experience all that city has to offer plus time for relaxation.

Carry on Only

I have this fear of my luggage being lost one day. Not only a fear of luggage being lost but also that price tag of checking luggage. (Unless you’re flying Southwest, free checked bags!) My suggestion is to pack carry on only, because even if you have to check the bag at the gate its free! You also save time by being able to go straight to security check.


Roll you Clothes

If you’re going to bring carry on luggage only,  you’re going to have to pack lighter. Even with packing lighter, its a must to roll your clothes. You will fit so much more when you roll your items.


 Choose that premium seating

  I highly suggest paying extra for premium seating when taking a flight longer than 4 hours. That extra leg room is worth it, plus early boarding.