Things I’ve Learned in my 20s


It’s a weird feeling to be getting older. I try not thing about the actual number associated with each year passing by.  I want to focus on the fact that I have had another year of life. There are so many people who never make it. I want to have a heart of gratitude that I’m still here.

Saying goodbye to my 20s there’s a little bit of sadness. It feels like my youth is getting further away from me. I also feel a sense of excitement. New decade, new opportunity for growth. I’ve taken some time to reflect on my 20s and what I have learned.


A deeper relationship with God is key

Life is full of many ups and downs. I’m still working towards this, but I know now that its absolutely essential having a deeper relationship with God.

Procrastination never eliminates your responsibilities

I don’t know what it is, but adulting sucks. But that doesn’t change the fact that things have to be done. Responsibilities will not go away, so you might as well take care of things when you need to.

Everyone is going through some struggle

It’s not that I didn’t thing that people are going through things. I just have learned that nobody’s life is perfect.  I’m learning to focus on being there for others. When you get your eyes of you then you realize that we all in this together.



Anything worthwhile is going to take sacrifice

Everything takes work! Most people want the instant rewards, but it doesn’t work that way. You have to work for your goals, and most likely you’ll have to make a sacrifice somewhere along the way.

Forgive and let go

People are going to hurt you. You’re going to hurt people. Learning to forgive and let go is  so important. You just end up hurting yourself by holding on to things.

You must create boundaries

If you don’t, you are able to fall for anything.

Mental health is important

You have to take time to disconnect  and take care of yourself.



Life is short, enjoy it

No time to waste. Do the things you always wanted to do. Travel. Take a class. Get out your comfort zone.

Friendships do matter

Having a solid group of people in your life to keep you accountable, to share memories with. Being alone is no fun.

You’re never going to figure it out all out and that’s okay

We’re not perfect. Life is a continual journey where mistakes will be made. The hope we have is in Jesus Christ and one day this will be all over.