Candid Talks: In an Instant

I wasn’t expecting for 2018 to start on such a sad note. The positive mindset I wanted to focus on staying in this year has been tested.  The ectopic pregnancy has brought me low.  But I try to take it one day at a time and thank God for the small things. I am so grateful that I finally decided to start being an adult and go to the doctor. If I hadn’t made that choice in the fall, I might have ended up with emergency surgery or internal bleeding.  I hold on to that hope, that one day I will blessed with another child.  I used to write way more when I was younger. This came to me on a car ride home.
In an Instant
A Poem by Me
In an instant everything changed
When I heard those three words
I loved you from day one
I already couldn’t wait until you were here
In an instant everything can change
They say it wasn’t a real one
My life was in danger
You had to be taken away
In an instant everything changed
That injection that searing pain
More than the pain
Knowing that I will never be the same
In an instant everything can change
Because now you’re gone
But I won’t forget you
My little one