Candid Talks: Making it Happen

I’m baack! Two years have gone by since I’ve regularly blogged. I did not have any motivation or urge to write which is how time just flew and next thing I know it’s 2015. A lot of things have happened in this time span. It’s crazy to look back and see how you change as a person. For me 2015 is the year of getting back to the basics in all areas of my life.

My theme this year is to Make it Happen. The book really makes you examine things in your life and what is stopping you from making things happen. I’m still a work in progress, but I hope to share my journey with you. Check out the book here:

March’s blog post schedule will be Mon | Wed | Fri. My focus this month will be on organizing the home one task at a time.  I will speak more on this top in my next post. Make sure to follow me on on social media for daily happenings in my life.