My Hair Routine & Products

I’ve been relaxer free since the end of 2011. I cut off all my relaxed ends November 2012. I don’t consider it a “big chop” since I transitioned for year.


Chopped of relaxed ends
Hair is growing
Twist out
I can finally put it in a puff!
I’m still learning how to work with my hair and what is best for it, but I thought I would share some tips and things I do with my natural hair. This may not work for you, but the key is finding what does work for your own hair.I also don’t like to use a lot of products, I just try to keep it moisturized and let it do its thing.


  • I co-wash my hair 3 times a week. Co- washing is using a conditioner like shampoo to keep the hair clean and moisturized. I follow up with a leave-in conditioner and then with my styling product.
  • I use heat on my hair very little.  I straightened by hair occasionally throughout my transitioning period and only have straightened it once since I cut the relaxed ends off. Heat is really damaging to the hair so I try to avoid it.  
  • I try to deep condition twice a month.
  • I only shampoo/cleanse my hair 1-2 times a month.
Products I use
TRESemme Naturals Silicone Free Conditioner for my cowash
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Paul Mitchell The Conditioner as my leave in conditioner.
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Shea Moisture Style & Curl Milk as a moisturizer.
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I use Eco Styler Gel when I’m doing a twist out.
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Right now I’m using up Motions Deep Penetrating Treatment as my deep conditioner, but I would like to try something else.
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