Organizing Tips: Beauty

Lately, I’ve had these urges to organize things. I started following a bunch of organizational websites/blogs. I want to organize everything that I can!
Every Friday in March, I want to bring you some tips on things that I have organized in my home.

This week’s focus is beauty products.

Until I can get my spare bedroom like I want to, I store all my beauty products in our guest bathroom under the sink.

My makeup is stored all in a train case. I keep my eye shadow pallets in a napkin holder I got from the dollar store. My brushes are stored in the bag on top of the train case.

I recently bought this rack to store my nail polish. It makes it so much easier to see everything. Sometimes the nail polishes were sliding off, so I put a shelf liner to have some grip. Behind the nail polish, I have a box with all my nail supplies.

I keep the two bags on the side in the middle part with the foundation. In those two bags, I store my lip gloss and lipstick.

I keep everything sectioned by category.

This makeup bag contains false eyelashes. I keep my foundation and powders at the bottom.

My tips on beauty organization:

If you have limited space, store makeup in train case

Use plastic or acrylic drawers to store makeup

Display nail polish on racks to be able to see all polishes

Store nail polish in bins/baskets (Paint nail color on top of bottles to be able to see what color it is)

Group like things together in bins/baskets to be able to grab easily