In Other News: Downton Abby, Knuckleheads & Suri’s Burn List

Every Monday in March, I will be posting about random things that I have come across that past week in media, etc. (Yes, today isn’t Monday but next Monday for sure you will find a post.)

Suri’s Burn List 

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The author of this blog basically makes fun of celebrities; but through the eyes of Suri, the daughter of Kate Holmes. She recently released a book (seen above). Seriously, if I want laugh I to this website

Downton Abbey

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I absolutely love this show! Yes, I know I’m super late with jumping on the bandwagon but hey at least I’m on it now.  I just found out that the maid, O’Brien, won’t be returning for Season 4. Noooo! 

Knuckleheads in the News

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In the mornings as I listen to the news on the radio, they have a segment called “Knuckleheads in the News”. All I can say is people are so ridicuously dumb. I heard this one the other day:

“A Florida man who said he was robbed of the crowbar he used to break into several homes. The 29-year-old told the cops someone had stolen his backpack with his wallet, crowbar and black skully after he left the stuff at one of the houses he robbed. He’s being charged with kidnapping and armed home invasion.”

Are you kidding me! Who does this!