Organizing: Closets

Organization is my new favorite thing. Closets are my favorite thing to organize. I tend to reorganize until I’m satisfied. I am almost there with this one.
I keep all my flats and lower heels on my over the wall shoe rack.
The middle rack, I keep our heavier sweaters. At the top is my most used handbags. I keep the rest of my bags in our spare bedroom.
On the right side, I have all of our shirts on the bottom rack and our bottoms on the top. I got the double closet hang bars from Walmart & Bed Bath & Beyond.


All the shoes up on this shelf are booties, high heels, and sneakers. I keep my light scarves next to my husband’s ties. I love this tie rack from Bed Bath and Beyond.
I got this shoe rack from Bed Bath & Beyond where I keep all my husband’s shoes. The drawers have my undergarments.
On this shelf, I have my tall boots first. Next I have my leggings & tights. It was actually meant to be for scrapbooking supplies, but  I used it for jewelry. Now its for winter things. The next bin has all my belts. Since we don’t have a linen closet, I keep our big towels in the last basket.
I’m participating in the New Year’s Organizing Revolution Prize Challenge. Go vote, they have great prizes!
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