Just a Thought: Praise Him Anyway

I have no idea who sings this song, but my church choir sings this.
Hope the lyrics speak to you like they speak to me.

Verse 1:
Though I walk through the valley
I will have no fear
No matter what they tell me
I know that he’s right here
Though it’s been a long journey
I have kept the faith
By your spirit I’m learning
Learning how to say

Even in the hard times
Even when I feel pain
I made up my mind
I’m gonna praise him anyway

Verse 2:
I don’t know where I’m headed
Or how long it will take
But I know that his hand has
Brought me all this way
So when troubles come around
And the storms get rough
I’ll be safe and sound
In his arms of love

Through the fire
And through the rain
I will lift up his name
Though I may feel discouraged
He is worthy to be praised

After all he has done
And how far we have come
His word and his promise
Forever remains
And I know this is true
He will carry me through
He’s worthy Just the same


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