The Beginning

I’ve been debating this question for some time now. The question is should I go natural?  My hair currently has been chemically relaxed since as long as I can remember.
Relaxers are a chemical. That really can’t be doing any good for anyone’s hair. Yes, there are ways to take care of a relaxed hair and still be healthy.  Relaxers are also expensive.  These two things that I mentioned are just some things that crossed my mind; but the real reason I’ve decided to give my natural hair a chance is because, it’s my natural hair!
I’m kind of conflicted about relaxed hair versus natural hair. Think about it. Yes, God created African American hair to be the texture that it is, but don’t we all like trying different looks? Is not relaxing your hair another look you would like to try? I think people that are so hardcore about natural hair are because they feel that society has made it to where African-American women feel like they don’t look good unless it is straight.  I could be wrong about this, really I’m just rambling…but there might be some truth to what I just said.
At the end of the day, I really don’t care if you like natural or relaxed hair. It is all about preference! Do what makes you feel good. I say no matter what your hairstyle is you need to take care of your hair period.
I am doing a 12 month goal of no relaxers. Will I go back to relaxed? I don’t know.  We will see after these 12 months. I’m really bad at remembering my relaxer dates. I try to go as long as possible and judge it based on my roots. That being the case, I decided to just make January 2012 the start date of this all. (I think my last relaxer was Nov or Dec 2011.) My focus will be on putting little to no heat on my hair, deep conditioning, and vitamins.

I hope you will follow me on this journey, even though I haven’t fully committed yet to going completely natural. (I’m indecisive lol.)

Pictures of me with my relaxed hair