Fail Fail Fail

February is a very short month. Unfortunately, I did not complete my goals. Fail! What this month has taught me is that I have no self discipline. Huge problem! This definitely needs to change since like yesterday.
Let me refresh everyone’s memory on what my February goals were:
1.       Exercise
2.       No fast food or soda
3.       Read my Bible everyday
4.       Sew skirt
5.       Scrapbook the end of 2011
I didn’t do 1, 3, 4, and 5. I was doing really well with number 2, but then I went on vacation and that was the end of that. The month of March is all about focusing on self discipline.  I will accomplish these goals.
March 2012 Goals
1.       No social media relating to celebrities
I feel like I get too consumed with this unnecessary thing. Why do I care about these people’s lives?
2.       No secular music
I don’t really listen to that much secular music, but I feel like I should take a break from it. Is it really beneficial to my spiritual life? Probably not.
3.       Read my Bible everyday
This has been a struggle my whole life, but how do I expect to have a happy Christian life if I’m not feeding myself God’s Word?
4.       Exercise
Every day I feel more like a bum. I’m 23; I should not be this sluggish. I will get more in shape.
5.       Take my vitamins everyday
This goes in hand with trying to take care of my body. Exercise, eating right and taking my vitamins is definitely important.