You’d never Expect It

I’m back with the challenge…kind of.
I’m not finishing the challenge in the order it was written, in case you were following along before I had stopped.
Day 24 on this list is a movie no one would expect me to love.
 I really liked this movie, because well I’m a kid at heart and I do like this person.
And yes, you’ll probably judge me for actually seeing this movie.
Too bad I don’t care:-)
You may have guessed already.
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The movie has gotten very good reviews, even from “haters”. The reason for this is because the movie is actually good. You can’t help but feel inspired by how hard this kid has worked and how crazy his story is. How many people have become this famous at this level within 1 year from YouTube? Don’t think anyone else has.
What I take away from this movie is to work hard at reaching my goals and of course…
Never Say Never.
Oh and his fans are crazy lol, like seriously crazy.