Create until Your Heart’s Content

I am not that into makeup, but I want to be. That may seem weird, but I see people with their makeup looking so nice and I think to myself, I want to do that too. But then, I just never take the time to do it. There was a brief time during college, where I would wear eyeliner and mascara everyday but then I stopped. Lately I’ve been watching makeup tutorials on YouTube to get tips. Don’t you just love YouTube? You an find great tutorials on there about pretty much everything. Anyways, I’ve been wanting a eyeshadow palette for awhile now, but most are expensive (at least to me).  My sister, who loves makeup and is great at it, told me about this place where she got hers for only $18.95. I haven’t gotten it yet, but is she says it’s good and if she says good, well I believe that it’s good. They have lots of different makeup products on their website. The palette she has is the 88 Original Palette, but they also have other palettes as well. I will definitely be purchasing this item in the near future.
image via Google images

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