Friend Friday

I just recently joined this group created by ModlyChic called Friend Friday, hence the name of this post. Every Friday, there is a new set of questions for us bloggers to answer. I don’t know if I’m going to do this every Friday, but it will be something you may see every Friday to learn more interesting things about me. If you want to join in on the action go here to find out more information.
This week’s topic is Planning Outfits!

1. How do you determine what you will wear that day? 

I just go to my closet and stare at it until I see something I want to wear, then I add pieces until I have an outfit. Sometimes I already have an outfit in mind and try it on and if it doesn’t work, I tweak it until it does.

2. Do you plan outfits out in advance for a whole week, month,

I never plan outfits unless I’m going on a trip.

3. Do you have any specific way of tracking outfits and items already
worn so you don’t repeat?

I really don’t track my outfits, I just remember if I’ve been wearing something often to maybe wear something else.

4. How do you discover new combinations of items in your closet?
(Trial try-ons?  Hanging items together?)

I just have a day where I try on different outfits and come up with new looks.

5. To streamline the process for 2011 what is one new thing you can do
to cut down your dressing time? 

I would like to get back to planning my outfit the night before like I used to in college. It makes getting ready so much faster in the mornings.