New blog look

Well, if you haven’t noticed I changed the look of my blog. (I did the same to my fashion blog.) I’m the kind of person that will tweak things until I love it. I think I’m pretty much there with both of my blogs. Since I have so much time on my hands these days, I’ve been reading sooo many blogs. I’m following 11 fashion blogs and 8 personal blogs as of right now. The fashion blogs update everyday, while the personal blogs not so much. I probably should stop looking at new blogs and stick with the ones I have or before you know it my list will grow to like 50. (And then I would be wasting so much time on the computer). I’m so happy I start my part-time job next week. Not only will I have a little pocket change (since all I have at the moment is $45), but I will have something to do. Oh, and another thing I keep forgetting is Thanksgiving is next week. Crazy how time flies by, it’s almost 2011! Thanksgiving will be different this year though, because sadly my sister won’t be there. Oh, the life of a college basketball star.(: We will definitely miss her.

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