Just Thinking about Life

I don’t really talk about what is really going on inside of me to anyone. Everyone has their own secrets, right? But lately I’ve been thinking about my life, probably because I just went on a singles retreat last weekend. I am really happy that I was able to go (thanks Mom:) The whole focus of the retreat was on the life of Hezekiah and considering our past, present, and future. Right after the retreat I had to head to Texas for my Grandma’s funeral. Losing both of my grandmothers within a year is not cool, but it’s always a good reminder of the brevity of life. Going to the funeral with the retreat fresh on my mind had me thinking about what I was doing in my own life. For me it’s all about letting go of the past, accepting the present, and trusting Him for the future. After this week, I believe I can let go of the past, accept the present, and look to the future knowing I can’t do this by myself but only through Him. I want to make the most of life because it is so short. I’m just glad that God gives me another chance to live for him no matter how short that may be.