The End of the 30-Day Challenge

Wow, 30 days goes by super fast. This challenge I put on myself has not really been quite how I expected it too be. I did learn a lot through this last month. I would say that I failed the main part of my goal, which was to have my devotions everyday. Why is it that other things always get in the way of the most important thing? I don’t want to be struggling for the rest of my life with consistency with devotions. I want to have a deep and close relationship with God, than having a mediocre life. The only way for that to happen is for me to spend time with him. I look in the mirror and see a person that I’m becoming that I don’t want to be, but how to stop the cycle. I’ve come to the conclusion that it comes down to two things. First, I have filled my mind with junk for a long time so how can I expect something good to come out of it. This boils down to me having to change my mindset. My mind has become desensitized to a lot of things because of what has been let in, it all starts with wanting to be accepted I think. Changing my mindset involves letting go…letting go of things, pleasures of this life, and even friends. It’s all about denying oneself. Letting go may be hard but in the end life is so much more joyous. Second, this whole process is a daily thing. Yes, a 30-day challenge is a good launching point but really it’s a daily dying to self. So here begins one day at a time…


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