Bible Conference

Well, I’m finally getting to write about what I learned during Bible Conference week. I think  I mentioned before that this year was the best conference I’ve been to my four years at the Bob.  It was like everything flowed together this year and God told them to preach on basically the same thing. I have heard many people talking about how amazing this year’s conference was for them. The main thing that stood out to me was the topic of prayer. Why do we Christians fail to pray? Sure we quickly pray over our food but how often do we actually spend quality time in prayer. After all, isn’t prayer how we communicate to God? I was for sure convicted about this aspect in my life. I want to be a person of prayer. I don’t want it just to be about me and what I want. I want my prayer to be about praising God and praying for others. One of the preacher said something to the effect that it’s hard to stumble when we’re on our knees. How true is that, because if we are in communication with Him and He’s communicating to us through his word, less room for falling. I hope this year I can grow in the area of prayer and take time out for it everyday.